Airbrush mural at Easmor hydro in Kildonan on the Isle of Arran.

I spent the winter of 2021 during the lochdown walking along the beach and up to the river to airbrush the mural.  At one point 8 foot icicles hung around me and I had to melt the paint in my coffee to allow me to airbrush with it.

The storyline was from Albert at Easmor who commissioned the airbrush mural. It depects workers and partners as dwarves and fairy creatures at The hydro plant using a waterwheel to turn water into gold which is given to the fairies. Who turn ot into childrens hopes and dreams. A toad and 2 rats try to escape with the gold but are stopped by the Wizard Albert and his fairy helpers. The tortoise shows the wisdom of the ancient woods with the solstice fire. The wild cat is based on my cat Chitra who was chased by Barry the dog. The dog is up the tree as in real life he chased a squirrel 15 foot up a tree and got stuck. Ross is cleaning the intake to the water pipe at the top of the waterfall which is depicted by the girls face.