Contact me with details of your project, I like to work with people to help create a unique sculpture that fits their ideas.  I can give you a quote or you can tell me your budget and I can let you know what I can make for that.

To the right is a commission for the Salamander Stove Company logo hand carved in oak from the Brodick Castle gardens.
Salamander Stoves Instagram of sign in place

I work in many different mediums which I like to combine.  Mediums: Stone, Wood, Clay, Sand, Copper,  Paltiya (an outside sculpting medium) Airbrush, Charcoal, watercolour, 


Commission a Portrait

You can commission a portrait of a person or pet.  

The charcoal picture below is A1 size.  A good photo is needed.  It is good if I have a few to choose from or even better if I can meet up to get more of an idea and can sketch the subject from life and take some photos.

Below A4 Airbrush portrait of Barry the dog.