Zabdi Keen

Zabdi Keen is a Sculptor & environmental artist

Using traditional wood and stone carving methods incorporating mixed media to create sculptures. She spends a lot of time beach combing and collecting discarded materials which she repurposes and combines to create unique contemporary craft objects.

Zabdi Keen is an artist living on the Isle of Arran she was brought up by the tide on Kilmory shore. From the age of 6 till 12 she lived with her family in a caravan on the shore without electric - pencils were entertainment when the weekly car battery ran out for the small black and white TV. Winters were spent in a farm cottage.

For 30 years she ran Flying Fever paragliding school on Arran and abroad from Hong Kong to Outer Mongolia and Nepal. Carrying a sketch book in her harness. She is now based in Arran and is focused on art full time since 2020.  Exploring different elements to combine in sculptural form. She loves learning new things and has recently started chainsaw carving.

Visit her outdoor studio in Kildonan at No 2 Coastguard House on the Isle of Arran

Commissions: carvings in wood and stone, lettering and sculptural.  Airbrush murals.